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You Gotta get Pelvic to Pelvic!

Season 5, Episode 6
Aired 6.23.16

Toni performs in Brooklyn; dinner disaster. Tamar critiques Towanda before her dance competition. Toni tells Tamar her plans to retire her sisters. Show Full Recap

Towanda is in a charity dance competition hosted by her celeb crush, Hill Harper—but only has a few days to learn the moves. Tamar critiques her, but Towanda won’t hear it. Toni tells Tamar she plans to retire Trina and Towanda as her background singers but is afraid to tell them. When her partner shows up late, Towanda is all nerves before she competes. Toni performs in NYC, but dinner after the show is a disaster when she shows up late. Traci sings live at a cancer walk in Washington D.C.


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