10 Annoying Things Sisters Do

Having a sister can be so wonderful at times, yet so annoying at others. We've witnessed the Braxton girls argue countless times on Braxton Family Values, which inspired us to compile a list of our top 10 things sisters do to annoy each other, in order.

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  • 1
    Clothes Stealer

    We've all been there. Can't find your favorite blouse? Check your sis' closet or laundry!

  • 2
    Lay Down the Law

    Who else but your own blood is going to tell you how it REALLY is? Well, the truth does hurt..

  • 3

    It's like no matter how old you get, they will always run and tell Mommy & Daddy on you. What gives?!

  • 4
    Here's Your Future

    Why is it that your sibling believes she always knows what is best for you? Let me dream a little..for myself!

  • 5
    My Legs are Broken

    Listen chick, you are perfectly healthy. There is no reason you cannot get up yourself and get that remote.

  • 6

    Even if it seems the argument is over with, there's always something more for a sibling to say. So brace yourself.

  • 7
    Friend Hogger

    How many times have you thought, “I didn't invite my friend over to hang and chat with my sister. BACK off!”

  • 8
    Momma's Favorite

    The one time you and mom are bonding, of course she gets jealous and butts in.

  • 9
    Ex-Shopping Buddy

    So after she tells you that dress looks horrendous on you, she goes and buys it..SNEAKY.

  • 10
    Unnatural Artist

    Whether she's singing in the shower or while washing the dishes, she just needs to get a song in your head...even if her rhythm is SO off.