Episode 10: Wedding 911 (May 4, 2018)

911, what’s your emergency? MY WHOLE WEDDING! What if everything went wrong at the last minute? All your worst wedding nightmares fulfilled; your perfect day destroyed at the finish line! The cake gets smashed, the DJ quits, the wedding planner calls and says there won’t be any food tonight? You need help - serious, ingenious, brilliant help - and you need it right now. Who you gonna call? WEDDING 911!

Episode 9: Stealing Zillas Thunder (April 27, 2018)

What if….there was something... even worse than a Bridezilla. What if a Zilla could be out-Zilla’d!? You think the Bride is the only person who cares about a wedding? Take a seat! The Zilla gene can extend way farther down the gene line than to just the bride - and in more sinister ways than ever thought imaginable. Maid-of-Honor Zillas, Groomzillas, dare say I even Momzillas - a whole species of monsters who are hell bent on ruining the lives of caterers, DJs, bridesmaids, cake makers, and wedding guests everywhere.

Episode 8: Honeymoon Horror (April 20, 2018)

TONS of stuff can go wrong on your Honeymoon…things you would never even dream of. You can get violently ill. You can get totally ripped-off by price-gouged destinations. You can even get tricked into thinking you’re buying one thing only to arrive at your hotel and realize you’ve been conned into spending a week in an un-airconditioned hell hole that smells like cigarettes and old food.

Episode 7: Bachelor Party Blowout (April 13, 2018)

If our other episodes were debaucherous, this one is just downright nasty! From alcohol to drugs to cheating grooms to wild bridesmaids - people really leave it all out on the table when it comes time to the Bachelor party. On this episode, Giulia & Selena speak with Antonia Crane, stripper and author of "Spent," who tells them what REALLY happens at Bachelor Parties. Then, a Bachelorette Party at a sex resort? And, as always, we spill secrets from the set of Bridezillas. Don’t tell your partner! Your secret is safe with us. It’s time for Bachelor Party Blowout!

Episode 6: The Dress and The Ring (Bling, Bling!) (April 6, 2018)

Every bride wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day - but some Bridezillas go to EXTREMES to achieve their dream wedding look. The self-judgement can be a complete mind****! People will be photographing you from every angle thousands of times and you’re expected to look the best you’ve ever looked in your entire life. And sure, there’s the weight - but there’s also the style! And for some Zillas, money is no object in their non-stop pursuit of the perfect look. From Bridal Shop Owners laying down the law to training services that get Brides buff for their wedding day, we’re diving deep into The Dress and The Ring…Bling Bling!

Episode 5: Family Beef (March 30, 2018)

Every wedding promises us two things. No, not love and marriage - mediocre food and family fist fights! Welcome to Family Beef! From incompetent venues to family feuds to disgusting dishes, these Bridezillas have a reason to be angry - their wedding is ruined and they are STARVING. Find out how much Keyisha Ka'oir paid for her 10-foot tall wedding cake (from her celebrity cake designer), what really happens to your food at a wedding (you might not want to know), and what Family Beef we can expect on this season of Bridezillas!

Episode 4: Runaway Zillas (March 23, 2018)

It's the biggest day of your life: you’re about to walk down the isle, in front of everyone you know - friends, family, your mother, your grandmother, your therapist - but your groom is not there. You’ve been...left at the altar! It’s the scariest, gut-wrenching-ist, most infuriating episode yet. Hear stories from both sides: from the brides left by their grooms to the grooms who did the leaving - you will not believe what people go through.

Episode 3: SEXpectations (March 16, 2018)

Episode 2: Bridesmaids In Hell (March 9, 2018)

No one knows the damage a Bridezilla can inflict like her Bridesmaids. From massive meltdowns to sky-high price tags to insane demands, Bridesmaids have to take the heat. Join your hosts Giulia Rozzi (@GiuliaRozzi) and Selena Coppock (@SelenaCoppock) as they reveal the secret lives of professional Bridesmaids, hit the red carpet to chat with Bachelorettes, and learn the behind-the-scenes scoop from the Bridezillas showrunner! Complete with stories about creepy grooms, weigh-in nightmares, and wasted Bridesmaids punching each other.

Episode 1: “CRAZY-ASS WEDDINGS” (March 2, 2018)

In this week’s episode, hosts Giulia Rozzi and Selena Coppack are talking about Crazy. Ass. Weddings! Weddings ruled by brides with temporary insanity who believe that nothing is more important than the big day. Jen Doll, author of Save The Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guest, spills the tea about some of the craziest weddings she’s ever attended. Plus, the ladies chat with Brendan Paul (owner - and Elvis - of Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas), Jay Philbrick (extreme wedding photographer), and a bride whose husband parachuted into their wedding! And, that’s not all! Selena visits the Bridezillas Museum of Natural Hysteria in Times Square and rubs elbows with some Real Housewives.


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