Episode 3: SEXpectations (March 16, 2018)

From drunken reception hook-ups to mortifying wedding-night romps, sex penetrates every nook and cranny of the wedding experience. On this week’s Bridezillas: The Podcast, get ready for crazy, real-life stories of wedding SEXpectations - bartenders taking it WAY too far, event planners sharing sizzling wedding gossip, and happy couples getting creative in the bedroom (well, "creative" is one word for it...). Buckle up, there is NOWHERE this episode will not go!

Episode 2: Bridesmaids In Hell (March 9, 2018)

No one knows the damage a Bridezilla can inflict like her Bridesmaids. From massive meltdowns to sky-high price tags to insane demands, Bridesmaids have to take the heat. Join your hosts Giulia Rozzi (@GiuliaRozzi) and Selena Coppock (@SelenaCoppock) as they reveal the secret lives of professional Bridesmaids, hit the red carpet to chat with Bachelorettes, and learn the behind-the-scenes scoop from the Bridezillas showrunner! Complete with stories about creepy grooms, weigh-in nightmares, and wasted Bridesmaids punching each other.

Episode 1: “CRAZY-ASS WEDDINGS” (March 2, 2018)

In this week’s episode, hosts Giulia Rozzi and Selena Coppack are talking about Crazy. Ass. Weddings! Weddings ruled by brides with temporary insanity who believe that nothing is more important than the big day. Jen Doll, author of Save The Date: The Occasional Mortifications of a Serial Wedding Guest, spills the tea about some of the craziest weddings she’s ever attended. Plus, the ladies chat with Brendan Paul (owner - and Elvis - of Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas), Jay Philbrick (extreme wedding photographer), and a bride whose husband parachuted into their wedding! And, that’s not all! Selena visits the Bridezillas Museum of Natural Hysteria in Times Square and rubs elbows with some Real Housewives.


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