Are You a "Jeanine"?

Bridezilla Jeanine

Jeanine was one of the most demanding and outspoken Bridezillas of all time… and there’s plenty you can learn from her bad behavior.

Former Bridezillas Dish


Before, during & after the wedding … & what really went down behind the scenes?

Nunn Talks Jealousy


Natalie Nunn discusses jealousy in her marriage and being in the spotlight.

Control Freak Signs


All Bridezillas are control freaks. Check out these signs of a serious control freak.

Bridezilla Prevention Tips


Don’t succumb to the Bridezilla downfall! Follow these simple tips to stay sane, reduce stress, and keep your inner ‘zilla at bay.

Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda


From choosing the right photographer, to makeup touchups, find out everything you need to know before the big day.

Preventing Disasters


These 10 simple tips will keep you organized, reduce wedding planning stress and prevent a dreaded big day disaster.

Maids of Dishonor?

Maids of Dishonor

Being a bridesmaid has its perks and it’s constant demands and expectations. Check out these 10 don’ts for bridesmaids.

Saying NO to the Bride


Seven tips on how to decline a bridesmaid invitation – that you already RSVP’d to.

Secondhand Doesn’t Mean Second Best


Think you can’t afford a high-end designer gown for your big day? Think again!

Sticking with the Wedding Budget


Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life—and can also be one of the most expensive.

Bridezilla RX


Before experiencing your own Bridezilla-like explosion, check out these five common pre-wedding scenarios…

Q&A: Jeanine & Thomas


Jeanine and Thomas were the couple that never made it down the aisle. Where are they now?

Ex-'Zillas Reflect


Does time tame even the craziest Bridezillas? Two former brides reflect…3 years later.

Natalie Nunn Interview


From a Bad Girl to a Bridezilla, Natalie dishes on her wedding and freakout moments.

Lessons From a Bridezilla


Learn from their mistakes! Get tips to stay calm, cool and collected on your big day.

We Asked. You Answered


After the 8th season of Bridezillas, we’re wondering: Who was the biggest Bridezilla of them all?

Top 10 Wedding Disasters


From cold feet to food poising, we have the top 10 wedding disasters that can ruin your big day.

How to Be a Bride-Chill-A


Tempted to be a Bridezilla? Learn how to stay cool and calm by following these 8 simple rules.

Bridezilla Status Isn't So Bad


You shouldn’t have to make excuses for your day to be perfect. Here’s why the term Bridezilla is so overused.

Control the Bride(zilla)


Here are 5 ways to survive your worst nightmare and maintain your sanity!

How to Handle a Bad Bridesmaid


There are times when a zilla is simply driven mad by a bridesmaid who’s making her life harder.

Dealing with an MIL-zilla


You’re not just getting a husband—you’re gaining a mother-in-law. And not all are created equal!