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“Anything you can do, I can do better”

Hello, my name is Blanca Valdez, aka Mrs. Lujan. I am 26 years young and fresh. I spend my time as an Administrative Analyst. I am awesome, cool, outgoing with a great personality, beautiful, smart, easy going, entertaining, the life of the party, a good daughter, sister, niece, aunt, cousin and friend. Underneath my brattiness, there is a sweet, hopeless romantic, loving, caring girl and the best for last… the best WIFEY.

I am a ‘zilla every day…well, almost every day. I like to be in control of my life 100%. So that means I like to be in control of everything and anything around me and I will make sure I AM in control. I will always make the final decision and I will always have things my way, one way or another. I don’t think this is a bad trait at all. I feel you accomplish more in life by having this trait. I also feel that if you want to get things done right, you have to get it done yourself. Don’t depend on others to do everything for you. Plus, haven’t you heard? Anything you can do, I can do it better.

It was not hard at all to find bridesmaids. I am blessed with great family and friends so if anything, I had to leave some bridesmaids out. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be my bridesmiad anyway? They should have felt so honored to be in MY wedding. I have to say that my bridesmaids should NOT make me their bridesmaid because I will get everyone back for everything they didn’t do. Seriously, I can’t wait! They shall apologize to me later once they realize what I had to experience. Here’s my tip to all brides: unless your bridesmaids like the word OK and can listen to all of your to your orders, you should think twice before having so many bridesmaids. They will complain to the very end; actually for life! They’re still complain’ to this day about silly little things they should have just done without being asked. It is never-ending!!!

I am truly blessed to have a family like MY family. I have one great support system and they will always be there for me to the very end… right or wrong. I am very happy that my family also loves Julian dearly, sometimes too much, but I’d rather have it that way. My sister, my maid-of-honor, Dalia is the good side of me and I am grateful she is in my life. My Aunt Dulce and Uncle Fernando along with the kids, are truly one of a kind and I wouldn’t trade them for the world, I love them dearly. My mother, well she is the reason why I am in this world. I love her, my dad and kids. My in-laws, I like my brother-in-law Ronnie and his hilarious wife Priscilla, they are awesome! My new Aunt Sherri and Uncle Junior, I am very grateful to have those two in my life. They are like my mother and father-in-law, they are great people and wouldn’t trade them either. For the rest of my haters, aka “Haters-in-law,” well, they will continue to hate on me every chance they get, but hey, I don’t care!

My favorite part of my wedding I would have to say was when I was getting ready to walk down the aisle. The feeling I felt inside was worth all the headaches. I can honestly say it was all worth it. Words can’t even express how happy I was at that moment and I could tear up at the drop of a hat just thinking about it. Looking at Julian, standing there waiting to receive me with happiness in his eyes as he was watching me walk down the aisle was absolutely priceless. I wouldn’t change that moment for anything in the world!

I planned every detail, and I mean EVERY detail, of my wedding in less then four months. Not a good idea! I don’t recommend planning a wedding with that little time. I wish I’d had a year to come up with more projects to make my wedding even more spectacular. There wasn’t enough time to create all of the other things that I wanted to make. I literally designed all of the decorations and thought of every detail to personalize my wedding. Don’t ask my “wedding coordinator” about it because although she disagreed, I really did think of everything. She’ll never admit it but I know she loved getting the credit for how the wedding turned out. She was worried about the little details and the “timeline” when I already had it under control. You should’ve seen her when she saw the Mariachi show up, it was priceless! I don’t think she really liked it because she questioned why I didn’t tell her about it. I told her “Sorry, I didn’t know I was gonna do it either…until last night.” She couldn’t appreciate my spontaneity. Oh, well!

Sane?!? What is that? Try to plan a big wedding, not only plan but create and literally make with your own two hands, every little detail from invitations to the wedding website, center pieces to napkins, cups, programs, candles, tablecloths, gathering every diamond on earth in only four months! I actually made the time to research a wedding party dance then I memorized all of the steps and taught my wedding party all of the moves. Do you know how hard it is trying to learn the Thriller moves from YouTube and perfecting the steps? No, nobody does and did they thank me? No! All I heard was complaint after complaint. Then I had a bridesmaid who crowned herself as the “bridesmaid-of-honor” that claimed to be a cheerleader in high school. Then she talked smack about our eight-count, talking about the steps are so easy I don’t need to practice. Her son performed better than she did! Anyways, imagine having a wedding party of 16, not including parents and grandparents. I absolutely lost it. I don’t even know how I am even alive today. I am surprised there were no casualties with all of the drama that was happening.

If I had to change one thing it would have to be TIME. There wasn’t enough time…there just wasn’t enough time! Before this wedding, I could honestly say that I have never felt what not enough time in a day was like…till the planning actually started. It would have taken a year to plan in a calm manner so I could have prevented turning into a Bridezilla, well maybe. Also, the wedding party was too big and there were too many schedules, thoughts, personalities, unwanted two cents, issues and the never ending “I’m too busy” and the list can go on and on.

Well you see, I am just now going on my honeymoon. Although, I’m not too sure if you would call it a honeymoon since I am going with my family to Oahu, Hawaii on July 4. I don’t know how we are managing this financially as the wedding sucked us dry but I think my money tree is starting to grow… or NOT. I am happy we are spending our honeymoon with my family I just hope they understand its MY honeymoon.

My marriage is what I expected it to be. I know Julian very well so that helps us both. He knows I don’t cook so he makes dinner and I know he’ll never clean the bathroom so I do it. We compliment each other very well. Of course, we want to kill each other daily but at the end of the day we love each other. Julian loves my crazy ways as much as he hates to admit to it. He gravitates toward me because I fill his life with excitement and I always provide him with free entertainment.

I would like to wait to have children until I am done with school. Or until we are in better positions in our careers and more financially stable. Besides, I need to finish living my 20s in my gorgeous self and live it up before I have to refrain from drinking. I am hoping that when I turn 30 years old, I will just pop one after the other. Two is more than enough.

Filming the show was not easy. It was more difficult than what I had imagined. My day felt like it was never going to end with interview after interview and I couldn’t just get up and go. My days were NOT productive at all, which was very frustrating to me especially when I had so much to do with only one week before my wedding and every second accounted for. To top it off, I had a posse who was scared of being on national TV and how I was going to be portrayed. I commanded by bridesmaids to take time off to spend the week with me while the cameras were following me around. They said I was too demanding and that they couldn’t take time off. The nerve! Its not like they didn’t know, I told them. Anyways, I hope I look like a beautiful Bridezilla every second because I invested a lot of time on my appearance since I knew I would make it on TV.

Would you do it again? Well, yes. I liked to share the process but at the same time, no, because of the drama it created. Although, it was quite the experience and one I will NEVER forget. I am pretty nervous for my episode to air because it is going to make people upset and I believe I will have drama all over again. I have convinced myself that the people that really matter to me will still be there for me and won’t take anything I said too personal. As for the rest of them, well, they can just continue to let their hatred consume them. Would I do it again? Absolutely!!! It was one heck of an experience and one to add to the wedding memories. Plus, why not give my haters something to really to talk about? Love it! I love it!!! How would my life be without my hater fans?