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Blog: Ariel Dishes on Episode Two

If there was one thing I could change about my wedding, I would have changed rushing time. Four months isn’t an appropriate time line to plan a wedding. If I would have waited and planned more, I could have gotten a limo, keg, better venue, etc. SO much more!

Our honeymoon was SOO MUCH FUN! (sarcasm). My mom was our designated driver back to our trailer house where we opened presents and went to sleep. Next day, went to lunch together. Was planning on doing a honeymoon the next weekend in Sioux Falls but Brook never decided it was necessary I guess. And then he wonders why we have problems…

My first year of marriage so far to Brook hasn’t been the best. We’re managing. The spark went away the day after the wedding due to attitudes. Trying to get it back isn’t fun.

I’m actually pregnant right now with our second child. We’re very excited for that!

Filming was actually hell. We didn’t really get breaks. I’d say I hated the no music in the car and how long it took to do little things, like lingerie shopping, because of the interviews.