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Who Wouldn’t Love Me?!

My name is Davina . I am 30 years old and I’m a bartender at an awesome bar in California.  I was definitely a bridezilla during my wedding. I let the bridezilla beast in me come out and wreak havoc.

Being a bridezilla was awesome! I never apologized for my actions and nor will I ever. I felt every BZ moment I had was completely justified. My wedding was very important to me. So naturally, if you made mad or didn’t do what I asked, I unleashed the bridezilla beast on you. Until you plan a wedding and experiencethe stress it entails, you won’t understand why the bridezilla moments over take you. When people think of abridezilla, they think of a manic, crazy, mega bitch. They are right, ha ha. I am a crazy, spoiled, mega bitch!!!! I wanted the perfect wedding and did whatever I could to get it.

Luckily, the bridesmaids I chose were helpful. They did what I asked, and came through for me. All my bitches, which is my term of endearment for them, helped me in one form or another. My bitches always did what I asked, and never, ever, I repeat, never told me NO! And I love them for it. As anyone who knows me, knows you don’t tell me no! No is a word I refuse to comprehend. All my bitches knew it was MY wedding, and did everything I asked of them. They did their hair and makeup the way I wanted, too. I was even particular about their nails and toes. I chose their colors for their mani/pedi. Without them, I wouldn’t have survived the madness. I was also lucky to have my sister Celine who was my MOH. She helped me with everything for my wedding. So overall, I had a great bunch of bitches as my bridesmaids.

I am very close to my family. I love them very much. My mom, momzilla, as my husband calls her, went out of her way in helping me with my wedding. She helped me plan the whole thing as my husband was always out of town working. So, momzilla helped relieve some of my stress of planning my wedding. We even ganged up on my husband together when he was acting out of line. Ha ha. She always had my back. My mom is my rock and I love her. I was worried she would get too intoxicated at my wedding and say offensive things to my guests and in-laws but, thank God she didn’t. At least not that I know of, yet.

My dad was amazing; I was really happy we got to have our father/daughter dance during the
wedding. My annoying little brothers were the ones I was most stressed about; those boys were exhausting. They drove me insane.  I mean if you were related to them, you would probably have your doctor prescribe you Xanax through an IV drip just to to survive them.  For months, I threatened my brothers. They were not going to ruin my wedding day! So for the most part, they were really well behaved. Then again, I was on their backs all week leading up to my wedding day. I’m thinking God must have heard my prayers!

On a good note, my in-laws were very sweet. During our rehearsal dinner, my mother in-law surprised me with both, a diamond necklace and diamond earrings. Absolutely beautiful and well deserving. I mean, I am giving them the gift of my marrying into their family! Ha ha.

Planning my wedding took about eight months of sweat and tears. It was exhausting and quite honestly too much work. I’m still really tired from my wedding. I would say I never really got to enjoy my wedding. You have to meet and greet people the whole time, and smile ’til your mouth hurts. Stand in your heels for twelve hours or so doing it. ANNOYING! I didn’t even get to eat my dinner. Whatever! It was drama and exhausting.

I think one thing I would have changed was how big my guest list was. I’d rather have had a smaller wedding. I mean I fed and entertained guests I didn’t even know at my wedding and it just didn’t feel intimate and personal. I also wouldn’t have had both a band and a DJ. It was an extra cost I could have avoided.

My husband and I haven’t decided on when we will go on our honeymoon. He wants to start the baby making process already. Um, I don’t think so. He thinks we’re having like four kids and wants to start on that right away. I mean I don’t know what he’s thinking, but he better go to the shelter and get four puppies, and get back to me.

Even though we are married, the dynamic of our relationship hasn’t changed much. If anything, I think we are closer than ever. I love and adore him. And for some crazy reason, he loves me back. I mean really though? Who wouldn’t love me?!

Filming Bridezillas was a very entertaining and fun process. I loved the crew. Topher, Ben, Dan, and Ali were awesome. They really made my husband and I feel comfortable about opening up and sharing our lives with an audience. I really don’t regret anything. My husband and I chose to let an audience into our world, and share our wedding experience. I chose to share an intimate time in my life with an audience, and I have no regrets. Everybody is different in the way they handle stress in their daily lives. Personal thoughts were captured, and my bridezilla moments weren’t anything a couple or bride, for that matter, hasn’t experienced at one time or another. If we had to do it over again, my husband and I would.

We had an amazing time. I am not going to apologize to anyone for my behavior. The thoughts and feelings I had at the time were just how I was feeling. It is what it is!

My husband Brian is amazing. I love him with all my heart. He is really a good person with the very best intentions. Thats why I love him. I’m the crazy one and he’s the sane one. Together, we balance each other out. Overall, it was an experience my husband nor I will ever forget!