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Bridezilla: “It Was An Absolute Hell Filming The Show”

My name is Tricia. I’m 19 years old and a nursing student. Planning my wedding was an absolute hell. With a two month time crunch, drama with everyone around me, and vendors being complete morons, it’s lucky I made it to my wedding and everything went off great.

I knew I wanted a huge wedding party so I had to make sure I had five bridesmaids that would all be skinny. This backfired because then I looked fat in my pictures next to a bunch of twigs. My mom was a huge obstacle to deal with during the wedding planning and the invitation list from my in-laws never ended, so I didn’t get what I originally wanted.

When Jesse and I booked the Grand in August, we realized the wedding was coming in a few months, January. We were like “oh my god, how do we pull this off so quick?” Doing all my wedding planning was absolute hell. Almost all my vendors were an hour away and I was driving two hours each day in traffic for two months just to set everything up. I was going absolutely bonkers trying to get 50 million things to come together for six hours of my life and no friends or vendors were reliable at all.

If I could change one thing about my wedding, it’d definitely be how many people didn’t show. I also wished I remembered more of it! Oh and a word of advice, don’t use a veil that covers your face. We spent so much money and so many people flaked which caused a lot of schisms in the family.

Jesse and I haven’t gone on a honeymoon yet. We might not in fact. Trying to recover from a $20,000 wedding and buying a house at the same time leaves little money for anything extravagant. We wanted to go on an Alaskan cruise but we ended up doing a ton of mini honeymoons like monster jam and road trips.

The first stretch of marriage is hell. Expectations get higher and higher. I don’t know who came up with this “newlywed phase” crap. When the bills hit and life keeps moving, you don’t have that much time to smell the roses.

I can’t wait to have children! Our friends think it’ll happen in the next six months. Jesse wants to wait, but I control the baby making.

It was absolute hell filming the show. I thought I was going to drive my car right off a cliff. Good experience, but out of all the weeks to ruin in your life, the week before your wedding isn’t a good choice. Even after the cameras left Jesse and I were getting into screaming matches and I’m still paying for hitting him in the head and going to a club.

It was super fun to share this with an audience because there is no faking the crap that goes on before weddings. This is all real crap that people threw at me. I hope they can learn from my mistakes. Yellow is not white! Even though I’ve repeatedly said I wouldn’t do it again, I’d love to…but I think Jesse would leave me if we did. I’m lucky we even got married. For the record, I’m not that crazy, everyone else is, it’s all about making me happy…oh and behind closed doors I’m getting hell for that week.

The Bridezillas week was hell and a good learning experience, but I’m afraid to watch my own episode because the wounds are too fresh. Oh and I recommend going to Vegas for a wedding; short and sweet…cut out the bull.