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Bridezilla’s Wedding a Night She’ll Never Forget!

I’m Kym and I’m 30 years old from Orlando, FL.  The best thing about the wedding is that it is over!  Stress like that should not even be possible!  I was told after it ended by everyone that came that it was the best wedding they had ever been to, which really is what everyone always goes for, but it took a lot of work from me to get it there. Too bad I don’t remember much of the wedding!   Advice to anyone getting married: DON’T FORGET TO EAT, especially when there is open bar! I apparently drank too much and it was real noticeable at the end… especially considering I got knocked up that night! Nope I wasn’t trying! Kym the kid hater is going to be a mom! That freaks me out just saying it.

Our budget was small and we didn’t go over $15,000, which is cheap as far as weddings go.  Too bad my parents think I owe them. My family is nuts! I think most people do not have to deal with the same things I do. Who has a DADZILLA anyways?? It’s been like that my whole life… always Dad in my face! He was there every step of the way and I do admit, he helped a lot, but don’t tell him that. The last minute issues would not have been pulled off without him, I was way too stressed to be sane. AND THAT LIMO COMPANY???? They should all burn in hell! That was the worst part of my wedding. He made us late, got lost, went the wrong way, and passed the church. I really thought my dad was going to have a heart attack that day! AHHHHH!

All in all, the wedding came out fine; in fact none of the guests even noticed a flaw (besides all the cameras around). I loved having the crew filming me; it made me feel like my day was important to more than just me!!!
I am glad to be moving on and starting my life with High. I really do love him and it looks like we will be starting a family in November!! I couldn’t be more scared… maybe they want to bring the cameras over to see Kym freaking out the last week of her pregnancy! Look for her on the first episode of BABYZILLA!!