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Charm, Wit & Tears: My Main Bridezillas Ingredients

Hello, America! My name is Brittany, I am 24 years old and currently a High School Mathematics Teacher. I felt so honored and privileged to be granted the grand opportunity of sharing my story to the nation through Bridezillas. Now a lot of people my laugh at the term “Bridezilla,” or my even frown upon it however, I WELCOME THE TERM! I mean name one strong-willed woman who doesn’t go a little Bridezilla while planning, during, or before her wedding day. SEE YOU CAN’T THINK OF ANY! It’s every woman’s divine right to have the wedding of her dreams and she must use whatever tools to transform her empire of dreams, wishes, and fantasies into into the perfect foundation of realities. Now I am going to reveal how I used my tools to be the complete Bridezilla that knew what she wanted, went after it, and SUCCEEDED!

There are three main factors that I capitalized on: charm, wit, and tears: the main ingredients of Bridezillaism.

First and foremost, my bridal party was given the name “TEAM FABULOUS.” Each one of my bridesmaids is a strong determined woman that beholds a bachelor’s degree, and has looks that Cleopatra would envy. In my eyes, they are all the epitome of a dime piece! But hey, what can you say only the best for the QUEEN B!!!

The whole process of planning the wedding made me want to SCREAM! I was so happy when the wedding was finally over; felt like it was the second coming of Christ. Hopefully, I will never have to go through this process again! So far I am enjoying marriage life. I don’t see any children in my life for right now. I am still young and want to have fun with my husband before children arrive. As for filming the show, I had a blast. I always felt I called HOLLYWOOD, but by filming this process just amplified the term.