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Former Bridezillas Melissa and Nicole Reflect on Their Weddings, 3 Years Later

Does time tame even the craziest Bridezillas? We were curious about the difference three years would make, so we caught up with two of our former brides — Melissa Brown (now Melissa Blue) and Nicole Marie De Leo (now Nicole Marie De Leo-McCoy) — to see how they’ve changed since their 2009 weddings. Not surprisingly, the verdict seems to be: You can take the bride out of Bridezillas, but you can’t take the Bridezilla out of the bride.

Melissa Brown (now Melissa Blue)
Age: 32
Wedding date: Jan. 11, 2009
Since her 2009 wedding, Melissa has earned her Master’s degree, and she’s working in a management position! She’s also had two children: 3-year-old Michaela and 2-year-old Makenzie.

And get this: She’s planning to renew her vows for her five-year anniversary in 2014 (a “destination” renewal at a beach), and she plans to invite 150-200 people … more guests than she invited to the wedding! This is big news, considering that Melissa went “way” over budget the first time around.

Melissa says she was happy with her “fairy tale” wedding, complete with the horse and carriage and big gown, and the “majority” of it was what she wanted it to be — though she wasn’t thrilled with the wedding planner. “She didn’t really do everything we thought she would,” Melissa says.

But the drama began long before Melissa’s wedding day — she married her ex-fiance’s best friend. “They’re not friends anymore — of course it was a little weird at first,” she says.

Melissa and her fiancé were in pre-marital counseling before the wedding (it was her second marriage, and she wanted to do it right the second time around). In fact, they even broke off their engagement at one point, but they worked it all out. “It was just the stress of planning, the coming wedding, fighting over nothing,” she says.

Melissa also had an issue getting her bridesmaids to pay for their dresses — one even dropped out because she couldn’t afford her dress (Melissa found a “replacement” bridesmaid). As for Melissa’s bridal boutique, she threatened to burn the place down when they lost her dress! “I know I was a Bridezilla,” she admits.

Three and half years later, she says married life has been “very interesting.”

“It’s definitely not easier the second time around. He’ll always say, ‘I guess the queen can’t get her way this time,” she says of her groom, adding that they are “still in love.”

And what did she learn from her Bridezillas experience? “That TV is fun!” she says. “I’m still the same girl.”

Nicole Marie De Leo (now Nicole Marie De Leo-McCoy)
Age: 23
Wedding date: April 18, 2009

When we met Nicole, she was a full-time student — now she’s fully employed at Chase bank! She still lives in Staten Island, N.Y., but she bought a house (she lived in an apartment when she did the show). And believe it or not, she JUST went on her “honeymoon.”

“We just went our first vacation on June 16 of this year, to Miami for eight days,” she says. Her daughter was only four months old when they married (their son was three and half), and the couple faced additional obstacles that made a vacation impossible until now. “A couple of months after we got married, they found blood clots in my lung — I’ll be on blood thinners for the rest of my life,” she explains. “I can get pregnant but I can’t stay pregnant, so having another baby is out of the question.”

Then, the couple faced another crisis. “In 2010, my husband was hurt at work — he split his elbow and hip open,” she says. “While things are ‘stable’ now, back in 2009, there was ‘always drama.’”

“My little sister was my maid of honor — she wasn’t there for the majority of the planning, and I had thought she would stay by my side. She didn’t even come buy her dress with us,” Nicole says.

Nicole also says her groom refused to help figure out the seating plan for his family, so she wound up seating people next to each other who didn’t get along. Whoops! And she wasn’t even sure her mother-in-law — who disapproved of the marriage –was going to show up for the wedding. “She didn’t buy a dress until the day before,” Nicole says.

Nicole was also late to her own wedding, but says the limo driver didn’t know where he was going — and she was really fed up with photographer. “He wasn’t taking the pictures that I wanted him to take, he was taking pictures he wanted to take,” she gripes.

As for whether or not she was a Bridezilla, Nicole says, “very much so.”

“I yelled a lot — everybody hated me that day, but whatever, they probably still hate me. My personality is really over the top anyway, that day being so special, me going so crazy, my family expected it, but they didn’t expect it to be as bad as it was. I thought I handled myself well — honestly, I could have been a lot worse.”