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HE Tells All: Bridezillas, Rochelle & Ashanti

A lot of women say they want a “real man.” Well, my question would be “What is a real man?” Every woman has a different definition of what that is. Some women think a real man is someone who caters to all their desires. Others think that a real man is someone who is strong and macho. This leads me to Rochelle and her fiancé, Nathan, who got married on this week’s episode of Bridezillas.

Rochelle seems to be the type of bratty,18-year old girl who always wants to get her way. Wake up Rochelle! You will have a rude awakening, and I personally don’t think this marriage to Nathan will last longer than the sexual incompetence problem she mentioned more than once over the past 2 episodes. Nathan says the only thing he loves about Rochelle is the sex! Nathan sounds like a little boy that can’t wait to brag to his friends about losing his virginity.

Look at how many problems Rochelle had with her mom because her “dream wedding” was out of her parents’ price range. Soon she will have a dream house, dream car and dream children that all will depend on Nathan. She might want the new CLK 230, but you might only be able to afford a 1999 Honda Accord. Not shooting down your dreams there bud, but Rochelle is the kind of girl who won’t ever be satisfied. Soon you’ll be fed up with all the demands you can never meet. As a man, you have got to deal with her emotions. Not run away. I see your true colors and you don’t get my approval for manhood and marriage yet. Grow up!

Jeremi Dudu is an intern in the Digital Media department at WE tv. He enjoys writing about health, wellness and relationships. Jeremi received his degree in Communication from the University of Southern California.