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If I Could Do It Again, I’d Want MORE Control

My favorite part of my wedding day was when I stood in the doorway to walk down the aisle and my eyes first focused on Alfred. He was the Prince Charming image I imagined. I wanted to cry when he air-smooched me.

I have envisioned my wedding since I was 7 years old.  I imagined how stunning I would look in my white gown and how jealous everyone would be of my beauty. I imagined me arriving in a carriage to this castle. There, waiting on one knee to take me down the aisle was Prince Charming. 13 years later I got the official proposal. The proposal occurred at the end of July and the wedding was the beginning of January – that totals about 5 months. I started searching for my venue and dress right away. I found everything by August.  In my vision as a young girl, I only saw the end product (beautiful wedding) and never the leg work!

If I could have changed one thing about the wedding I would have taken more control of things. Somehow and somewhere, I lost control of my wedding. I made the mistake of asking for advice. People took it as I did not know what I wanted. They did not listen to my desires.

Unfortunately, we over spent on the wedding and had to postpone our honeymoon. The good thing is we had our apartment to go back to. We spent some “not -so quiet” time there. We are saving for our 1st anniversary trip to Hawaii.

Our first year has been great so far. We have had a few big disagreements. They were stupid. I got tired of walking into an area where he “just” farted. I got him back. I started doing it to him.  He was tired of me wearing his T-shirts, his underwear and his socks to bed (his clothes are so comfortable). The solution was he bought me a pack of shirts and underwear in red and “borrowed” footy socks from the hospital. Now he is wearing my T-shirts and underwear.

NO MORE CHILDREN for at least 2 years. We are trying to get our 3 year old daughter completely potty trained.

Most of the week Bridezilla was filming, I was riding around in my mother’s 1996 Toyota Avalon.  The paint was peeling, the air conditioner was broken and the seats were cracked. I was so embarrassed. My keys were misplaced and I had to arrive to my wedding in that ugly thing. Luckily my mom has finally decided to buy another car.