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Steppin’ Up My ‘Bridezillaness’

My name is Michelle, I am 22 years old, and I am a personal child care provider. I think I was a different type of Bridezilla. I am a particularly punctual person – I appreciate timeliness. In my general day-to-day life, I would say I can be a Bridezilla, due to my timely nature. Because of my wedding planning, I had to really step up my “Bridezillaness,” because I also come from a family of ‘Zillas. I am so glad my family was helpful; we are all such diva women in our own way. A lot of times, functions turn into drama because we are all so dominating.

I knew from the first day we started planning our wedding who was going to be in it. My maid of honor, Amanda, has been by my side through thick and thin, so this was never a question. Roseanna and Kendall are my sisters, and Stevie is a best friend from high school. I felt awful for Gregory, he had TWO best men drop out, one was just a week before the wedding, and the second was two days before the wedding. I cried my eyes out while we were getting our marriage license, I was so upset for Greg. Both of the best men were what Greg thought were his best friends. Neither of them ever even called, to this day, to apologize. The second best man sent a text letting us know he was out… really?? I also recently found out Nick was NEVER even out of town, it is still unknown what really happened, but Greg does not know this.

My favorite part of the wedding was when Sophia came up to us and Greg reached down and picked her up. This part of the wedding showed the symbolism and unity of our family. I also loved the very moment I came around the corner of the terrace, looking into Greg’s eyes as I walked toward him, and tears were pouring down my eyes. It was at this moment that I knew we had made it, regardless of the week we had: we were getting married.

I have been planning my wedding for two years, we have had so many obstacles in our course of planning, and it took a very long time to plan. I also had a specific look in mind the entire time, from the moment I was engaged, and even before.

Honestly, I was not sane the last few weeks of the wedding planning, all of the stress and anxiety really caught up to me. I also did all of the planning with just Greg, so I was very hard on my bridesmaids, to make up for so much lost time of their help. Before filming had started, the bridesmaids (particularly Roseanna) and I got in crazy arguments, there were times we came close to fist fighting, but as you see, they eventually came under my command.

If I could change any one thing in our wedding, it would be several things. Let me be clear: My wedding was extremely classy and perfect in EVERY way. My wedding was better than most I have seen on the show, but that’s what hard work, dedication, and a little bit of OCD gets you! I would have changed the cake experience, it was difficult for both Gregory and I, and I wish I would have waited that night for Greg to get home – my bridesmaids acted like they were stupid and did not know how to make a cake. I can’t imagine them helping me decorate, ugh! I wish we would have made our own cake. ALSO, as I was about to walk down the aisle… I changed my mind, again! I really wish I would have done long nails, I am irritated that the nail lady kept making me change my mind, the first time I said long, she should have done long!

Filming was very difficult for all of us. It was difficult to catch such tender moments on television, some were very private, such as my grandfather, he was a great man, it was honestly difficult to find a minister after he passed, nobody could ever have been as great as him. Gregory was upset filming because he hated that I would be so upset by the end of the day. I am extremely hard on myself, behind the scenes, at the end of the day, I would cry myself to sleep every night, I was so angry and irritated and stressed out all day, that when I had a few minutes to reflect, I felt awful. At the same time, my bridesmaids were so whiny with a camera crew around that any time I started to flip out, they would have tears welling in their eyes.

If given the chance to look into the future and see how it would go, I would not do Bridezillas again. It was an experience that in 10 years, Gregory and I will look back on and laugh about, but never consider doing that sort of thing again.

We would like to offer this advice to anyone planning a wedding; If you sincerely love the person you are with, once it is all said and done, the only thing that matters is you are married, and you can only look to the future together to find peace, happiness, and true love. Our wedding was PERFECT, but I hate to admit, it may not have been worth the hassle. I have had extreme family drama about everything on top of our usual antics.

After planning this wedding, I have decided I have a new calling; my wedding ended up so awesome that I have decided to start a wedding planning business. I am going to look to take brides’ ideas, inject my own ideas, and give brides a wedding they will never forget! It is a shame all people are not as creative as I am. <3