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Lessons From a Bridezilla

Catfights, meltdowns and screaming matches are what Bridezillas do best. But those bad behaviors often come close to ruining their dream wedding. So, drop the diva act ASAP. Learn from their mistakes and get tips to stay calm, cool and collected on your big day.

1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
Cristal from Season 8 says, “It’s all the little details like whether to spend the extra money on matching table number holders or what font to print the programs in that just end up driving you and everyone around you insane. At the end of the day though, once all the details are figured out (or pushed aside for no one to see) the small stuff doesn’t matter. Everything you stressed and fought about all dwindles and blurs together and in those 24 hours no one even notices any of that…Seriously, all they notice is you – the bride and groom.”

Tip: Prioritize your wish list to avoid major meltdowns over little details. Guests rarely notice table numbers and ribbon colors. So, put your time, energy, and money into the important things that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Have fun choosing your song list, writing special vows, or selecting the wedding dress of your dreams.

2. Don’t Invite the Guy You Cheated on Your Fiancé with to Your Wedding
Sound like a no brainer, right? Well, “the other man” was at Johanne and Ed’s wedding.
After revealing that she cheated, Ed reluctantly agrees to marry Johanne. But the pre-wedding drama continues into their big day. (Are you really surprised?) To sum up the day Johanne says, “This whole wedding was a bust!”

Tip: Lying and cheating is no way to start a marriage. Sort out serious relationship issues well before you decide it’s the right move to walk down the aisle. It’s better to go your separate ways rather than making lifetime promises you may not be able to keep.

3. Don’t Treat Your Bridesmaids Like Maids
Bridezilla Daphne watched her bridal party dwindle from seven to three by her wedding day. Wondering why? She explains, “When I chose my bridal party, I apparently didn’t think it through because I ended up kicking out over half of them the week before the wedding. I don’t think they quite understood the term “bride’s-maid”. Just do what I tell you to do and I’ll be happy.”

Tip: Bridesmaids are your nearest and dearest girls. Treat them like the best friends they are, not servants. They’re there to support you, help you through wedding planning ups and downs, and stand by your side when you say “I do.” Invite them to fittings; ask for their opinions on hair styles and flowers. But don’t expect them to be at your beck and call 24/7.

Aside from freaking out at her friends, Daphne snaps at her man … ouch! Check out the video. (Warning: Streamers are violently destroyed.)

4. Your Wedding May Be Your Life, But it’s Not the Center of Everyone Else’s
Bridezilla Kim’s entire world revolved around her wedding. She explains, “I am a Bridezilla because I am a total control freak. My wedding, a.k.a. “The Kim Show” is something that I invested my all in and everyone that wanted to be a part of it needed to make sure that they understood that I demanded perfection!”

Tip: Sometimes it’s hard for brides to focus on anything but the big day. However, not everyone else is as obsessed as you. Treat your vendors, family and friends with respect and courtesy. Making unrealistic demands and acting like a drill sergeant will just make them steer clear or not want to work with you.

5. Don’t Get Drunk
Kym almost had a wedding she did forget! This boozy bridezilla says, “Advice to anyone getting married: DON’T FORGET TO EAT, especially when there is an open bar! I apparently drank too much and it was real noticeable at the end.”

Tip: Take it easy with the alcohol on your big day. You spent so much time planning and you want to remember it all! Sip a glass of celebratory champagne and be sure to keep your tummy full of the delicious food you so carefully chose for your guests. The wedding dress won’t look so glamorous if you’re passed out in the corner by the cake!

Jessica Solloway is a Washington, DC based writer and producer. From wedding planning to work, dating to dieting (and everything in between), she enjoys writing about lifestyle topics women want to know about. Jessica received her degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Check out her blog, The Savvy Mrs.