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Taneema Dishes On Filming “Bridezillas”

Filming Bridezillas was a blast! I’m an over-the-top kind of person so all the drama of filming and the extra work made my wedding experience even more surreal. Having five people follow you around does slow you down a lot, especially the week before your wedding when you’re trying to get so many last things done. There was always a camera directly in your face, catching you doing something stupid. But the crew was polite, fun and friendly and made the taping delightful. I think just as many wonderful things happened behind the scenes of taping the show as did in front of the camera! Overall, filming Bridezillas was a wonderful experience I will never forget and if I could, I would do it all over again!

It’s been about six months since the wedding and, so far, it has not been what I expected. We have not had a chance to relax since the wedding. Life didn’t stop because we got married. We’ve been going nonstop with home renovations, surgeries, moving in together and trying to coexist. It’s been overwhelming to say the least. We’re hoping that things will slow down soon and we can live a normal life…whatever that is.

Thomas and I did not go on a honeymoon yet. We are going to Punta Cana in the summer of 2013. Our wedding was very expensive and we had less than seven months to pay for everything, so to release some of the financial strain, we decided to go on the honeymoon after the wedding.

The one thing I would change about my wedding would be that I would have spent the money to order a chocolate fountain and a photo booth. Also, I would have liked to been able to spend more time with my guests during the reception.