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Where is Angela Now?

My favorite part of our wedding day would be having all of our family and friends in one room. I really enjoyed dancing with everyone. I literally danced the entire night!

If there was one thing I could have changed about the wedding – we probably would have enjoyed a “destination wedding” much more. We are planning on going to Grand Cayman next year for our three year anniversary and renewing our vows right on the water.

We didn’t go on a honeymoon. Since we live in Arizona, we stayed in San Diego and spent time with our families.  We would have loved to take a honeymoon to Europe though. That was the plan until we realized how much it would be. I want to kiss my husband right next to the Eiffel Tower.

Everything happened so fast it seems. We got married, started “trying” for a baby right after, found out I was pregnant a month later and now I’m a stay at home Mom and Brandon works full-time. We’ve been SO busy that I haven’t had time to think about the marriage part. We’re best friends so I knew that our relationship wouldn’t change after being married. We’re still the same people we were 6 years ago when we first met. Marriage does tend to get hard when you have a baby. It changes everything.

We have a beautiful baby girl and she was born in September 2009. We plan on having another baby as soon as I finish school next year in June. Having kids gets addicting. No wonder people have so many! We may just have our own reality show “A + B = 3” haha I’m just kidding!

I realize a lot of fans wonder if Bridezilla marriages actually last. Brandon and I are a testament to showing everyone that they do last. We’re very happy and excited for our future together.