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Where is Melissa B. Now?

My favorite part of our wedding day was when I finally saw Michael as I was walking down the aisle and having him walk toward me with tears in his eyes and then getting on bended knee to greet me.

If there was one thing I could have changed about our wedding it would have been not hiring a  wedding planner. Obviously she did not know what she was doing and did not even stay for the entire wedding.

We did not take a honeymoon trip because we found out we were pregnant about 4 weeks after the wedding.

Our first year of marriage has not been what I expected. Sometimes my husband acts like he is not married to a Queen.  I am royalty and he should treat me that way! He has recently realized what a privilege it is to be married to me. We had one girl born on September 3, 2009 –  Michaela, and we have another one on the way in October – Meredith.We are looking forward to many more years together.  We are doing a vow renewal for our two year anniversary and I am sure it will be another royal event.