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Cyndi Lauper on No Voice, No Choice

When I first thought of doing the reality show it was to document all that was going on this passed year. I also thought it’d be fun to bring my family along to some of the places I was going. I don’t always get to be with them. My husband and I were supposed to be switching back and forth raising Declyn. When he worked I would stay home and when I worked he would stay home. But my job kept going and going. And David took over for me and turned down his work more and more. And I don’t know what Dec and I would do now if it weren’t for David.

I know in the back of my head what a wise friend once told me. She said that if you are truly a team, you know that sometimes one of you does well and then later on the other one may do well. She said that there are many chapters in a life. So right now we’re on this chapter.

Anyway, I was going to LA. I was going to be on The Voice. I thought Declyn, my son, would find that interesting. I thought my husband would love the hotel we were staying at, which he did. We had a suite and everything I thought would be fun. I thought we’d camp in the living room and watch TV. I forgot that maybe my guys would be exhausted after a 6 hr flight, and that maybe they just wanted to come in and collapse and not hang. It was also some finale games for the Stanley Cup. That’s a huge hockey time, which is very big time in our household, and of course they wanted to camp they just didn’t want to talk.  The next day would be important for me for work. It was better to rest.

The next day was a sound check and rehearsal for the TV show, The Voice.  I brought my gear with me to use and try to interface with the TV show’s sound system.  My gear consists of little monitors, like earplugs, but with little speakers in them that allow me to hear my voice while I’m singing. I would have to work with the show’s sound man and not my own to adjust them to be able to work within their system. Well sometimes that works out and sometimes it doesn’t. The funny thing was that before I left for LA I had a nagging thought that maybe I should have brought my sound guy along to better communicate with the show’s sound man. But I didn’t listen to that nagging little thought and got distracted with the clothes and what my look would be. And that was the biggest mistake I made because if you have a little nagging feeling that you don’t listen to, you might pay for it later… and I did.  But you’ll see that in my show on the 12th of January, on WE tv at 9|8c.

See ya there