Season 1, Episode 2

“Derby Day”


Cyndi brings David and Declyn to the Kentucky Derby, where she’s the Grand Marshall of the Pegasus Parade.  Tensions rise when Cyndi’s keyboard goes missing, and then an audio snafu causes Cyndi to drop the f-bomb… on live TV.

• Not covered in the show was the fact that Cyndi and her family traveled directly from LA, after her Voice performance, to Kentucky for the Derby. The flight they were on got delayed and they didn’t arrive in Louisville until 4am. Cyndi had to be up at 7am to get ready for the day’s events. Adds a little more context to the infamous f-bomb, right? • In Kentucky, Cyndi and her family went the Barnstable Brown Party – one of the most prestigious parties in America. Late into the night, Cyndi did an impromptu performance of “Tell It To My Heart” with Taylor Dayne.

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