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Lisette Shares Her Love Story

When our lives crossed paths, it was undeniable serendipity. The circumstances, under which our two souls in particular, happened to meet, 3,000 miles away from each other could be nothing less than FATE at its finest. Destiny is real only if it is believed and known it to be the only truth. Miracles are realized only if pure unwavering faith in them is present; and when two souls fully embrace both as their personal truths, the universe takes notice… and in an instant, begins to release the most perfect chain of events. Events that can only lead them to their innermost desires and wishes held deep within their hearts.

And that is exactly what took place when Pasi came across the profile of a girl named Lisette on a dating website. He read my entire profile, which captured him even more than my photos, and these words stirred something within him that he had never felt before. And he knew exactly what it was and as there was not a doubt in his mind, Pasi took immediate action. He meant every single word in his first attempt to connect with me, and it said, “My search on this sight is over. I read your profile and I now know, that you are the One for me.”

A life-altering little book (and film) called “The Secret” that teaches the Law of Attraction is actually the reason why we are together today. I refused to accept any further communication from him until he read the book; I was dead serious and this would determine our fate. My actual words were, “Go read “The Secret” and then watch the movie, and after you’ve done both, get back to me.” Fully expecting to scare him off and send him on his way, I received this very unlikely response from such a bold man, “Of course I’ve read “The Secret”, I have the movie too, and I listen to it constantly on my phone in the gym.” In fact The Law of Attraction was becoming his way of Life, too. And that’s when I gasped for air, fell off my chair, read the message over and over, and knew in my heart instantly that he was the One. “The Secret”, The Law of Attraction CHANGED my life in so many mind-blowing ways; I knew I could only be with someone who believed in it as much as I did. Pasi and I finally found each other. Fairytale?? Absolutely. Best of all, it really did happen. Just. Like. That. It happened to Pasi and Lisette.

Hundreds of hours of video-chatting later, I flew to L.A. to meet this man I had already fallen deeply in love, with. Against the will of every one who loved me, of course, but when I feel something, no one can tell me I don’t. No one ever could. So off I went… and a few months later I went back again for a second time. Now it was crystal clear to both of us, it was time for me to make the move across country, to leave everything I knew and everyone I loved behind, to be with the man I had been waiting for my entire life, Pasi. Less than three weeks later on September 28, 2011 Lisette and Pasi began their life together in Los Angeles, CA.

Two years later, David Tutera came into our lives, and made our promises to each other official in the most spectacular way. Pasi Schalin and Lisette Perez became Mr. and Mrs. Schalin, surrounded by our closest family and friends from near and far. David touched their hearts and souls and gave us the best day of their lives, and the most magical day I could ever imagine. He read my heart; he could feel my soul’s yearnings and even those of the little girl still very much inside my dreams. David was a miracle. David Tutera truly did FEEL for himself, the love that we felt for each other and he was emotionally moved by it, as was every guest in attendance. And in the end,that was the most important thing; for every single guest and person present, including David, to leave the event that night feeling somehow changed and truly touched by love. A magical event was requested, and an enchanted, magical, dream come true was experienced. It was perfect. A certain kind of perfect that only David Tutera is capable of.

With all our Love & Gratitude,

We Thank you David,

For honoring us with your precious gifts,

For Sharing with Us Your Impeccable Presence,

And For being fully Present with Us,

On a Day we Shall Never Ever Forget.


Love, Light & Miracles,

Lisette & Pasi Schalin