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Marcela On Her “Unforgettable” Wedding

Steve and I met on, believe it or not. It was crazy; he was browsing for friends and he saw my profile and immediately he wrote a message to me. That is how our cyber first date started. We met in person after a month of e-mailing back and forth. Since that day, May 13, 2009, we never separated. Nine months after, he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.

After two years of engagement, we decided it was about time to get married.

We have four children so it was always difficult to plan a wedding and also, we took our time to adjust to the new living situation and the blending of two totally different families.

Basically, we had no clue where to start planning a wedding because I never had a wedding and I thought I never would, so I discarded that from my life.

Steve had a big wedding that was planned in the same day in which his grandparents’ 50th anniversary was also celebrated so they killed two birds in one shot.  His mother planned the whole thing so Steve had no clue how difficult was to plan a wedding or how to do it.

David was extremely helpful and his help was not only wanted, but needed.

He listened to me very closely and got exactly what I wanted in the whole idea of the Broadway Theme wedding – location, dress, decoration of the event – was amazingly good.  I am a very picky person and extremely OCD with details so according to my standards he did a good job. I am very thankful for having him and his whole team with me that day!!  Something that I’ll never forget…

The only regrets I have are that I didn’t have the time to enjoy the wedding with my family and friends, because there was no time left.  Where I am from, Argentina, the party goes on until 6 a.m. in the morning, but here apparently is not the case, so I found myself thinking, ‘What the heck happened??? Is this over already?All this preparation for just a short time????’ I could not believe it, I broke down in tears, my wedding was over and in my mind, it was just starting… I wanted and needed more time.

Regarding the entertaining, I felt it could have been better, the dancers performed just one song when they could have done at least 2, also the DJ was not good at all, he didn’t play my dance song, which it was given to him already edited just for that dance, so my choreography was not perfect like I wanted. We took dance lessons for that number because Steve never danced in his life, so he had to learn all the steps that were specifically performed at a certain time of the song, “wrong song, wrong steps”, but the good thing is that nobody noticed, except us.

My Latin friends love to dance and they couldn‘t do it as they expected…

When my family and friends got the news about our participation on the show they couldn’t believe it. They were crazy nuts about it, more than us I believe. The bridesmaids and groomsmen were extremely nervous because they had never been on TV before. Steve and I were on a reality show in 2012 so we already got our camera experience.

My Broadway musical wedding was a dream come true, a fantastic, unforgettable experience.

Thanks to David Tutera and his team we had “the wedding” I always dreamed of but I thought I would never have.

Thank you so much,

Marcela and Steve