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Vernisha Dishes On Wedding Drama

We met in high school through a mutual friend. Things started to go wrong with the wedding when we started to go over budget spending on wedding decor and not being able to make up our minds. We also felt the pressure to have the perfect wedding. David helped us in so many ways… Not just with the wedding but he helped guide us as a family to work as a single unit. That is the greatest gift anyone could’ve given. No regrets what so ever!

David made our special day all about us! He truly knows how to connect with people and tap into exactly what is wanted. Working with David was a dream come true and we are ever so thankful for all of his hard work, and making our day picture perfect! Friends and family were so shocked when we broke the news that we were selected to be a part of this show. They were so happy for us. Their expectations were so high and they all felt so special to be invited to such an event. David touched every heart that attended our wedding especially the bride, groom, and the immediate family.

Mama Hymon was pleased with David’s excellence and Sheila was so excited that David provided the opportunity to feel more comfortable having fun and being excited about this entire wedding process.