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Bailey on Episode 3: Divorce Drama

First off, couples fight so I really do not think my parents are getting divorced. When I was younger, I felt the same way Danielle does. Whenever my parents fought I thought it was over. As I got older and started dating I was quick to realize fights happen and most of the time people get over it and make up. As much as I hate my parents fighting, I know they are strong enough to agree with each other and start fresh.

I have always said if I could have one talent it would be to sing! I have the worst voice in the world and I drive everyone crazy in the house when I sing, ha-ha. With that said, Whitney has an amazing voice but she never uses it. She doesn’t realize how blessed she is to have such a strong voice. I am really happy she agreed to do open mic so she uses what God gave her.

My mom has every right to keep that Mercedes. I really believe something that was her Mom’s and my Mom being in that car every day, it makes her feel like she is still alive. If my Mom died I would do everything in my power to keep something so valuable because that is all my mom has left of her.