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Bailey on Episode 9: Talk To Her

Senior pictures are mandatory before you graduate. It is something to look back on in the future and announcements are usually sent out with your picture on them. I never really knew how expensive they were until I looked online. I also do not want to have my parents worry about paying for them because they cost so much money and I know we cannot afford that!

Ryan is a very manipulative person… I did not want to listen to what people said about him because he made me believe he cared about me and was a good kid. He made me feel special and I felt comfortable very fast and liked the feeling he gave me. He also was the most attractive and athletic kid I have dated and was well known around my school. He also is raised from a very well off family and drives a BMW.

When Ryan asked me out I felt so special and so happy that he was finally all mine. When all of my other boyfriends have asked me out, I wasn’t as excited as Ryan made me. On the other hand, for some reason, something did not feel right. My family was not that excited for me and I know Rex did not like Ryan to start off with. Todd also gave him a really hard time when he was around and it made me angry. My mom would keep repeating to me how I should be careful that he doesn’t break my heart and I was just so caught up in Ryan that I ignored everything everyone said. Even though I was so happy, I could not help being stressed about how no one in my family really cared for him and how all of my close friends did not like how I was getting myself involved with him.

When my Aunt Debbie showed up to take my pictures I was so excited!! She has always been amazing at taking pictures and I felt comfortable around her rather than some random photographer. I was so excited to see her! The pictures turned out so good and she did better than I imagined. I was so satisfied with the end result. She is such a blessing to me and a wonderful lady.

When my mom kept on questioning me what was wrong, I did not want to answer. I didn’t even want to talk. Earlier in the episode, when my Aunt Debbie asked what the bruises were on my arm I was hiding something. Ryan gave me them. I thought it was all a joke at first and when he would hit me he was just messing around because he would laugh sometimes but others there would be no smile on his face. I did not know if this kind of stuff was normal because he had times when he would treat me so well. I did not understand. All I know is something did not feel right but I didn’t know if I was over-dramatizing the situation. No boy has ever hit me like that. I did not want to believe Ryan was abusive and I wanted to change him. I didn’t want my family to confront him because I was just in shock of what happened earlier and I could not keep my head on straight. Looking back, I would have called the cops and put him in jail. It is NEVER acceptable to hit a girl in any situation. Now that I know I was not exaggerating the whole thing, I would have most definitely done something about it. I am so glad I had my family there for me and I am so blessed to have people that care about me that much in my life. I was so happy I did not have to go through that alone.