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Heather Bruce

Heather Bruce on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

More About Heather Bruce

Graduating high school is a huge deal and thought of it is both exciting and scary all at the same time. I am really excited to be graduating high school and ready to see what God has in store for the next chapter in my life but at the same time graduating high school brings on a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities such as paying for school , deciding what I what to do in life, paying for bills, making more of my own decisions all of which can affect my future. Bailey and I are both interested in going to ASU but worried about the cost. Being stressed thinking about college and the future the mood was lightened when the parents announce that since we had done so well to saving money that we are being rewarded by dining out at Cici’s Pizza. This is a pretty big deal for us. Having a meal at Cici’s was enjoyable because we were able to just relax, enjoy one’s company and not worry about cleaning up after!

Father’s Day is coming up and I decided that a scrapbook would be a great idea for a gift because its cheap and something my dad could keep forever. The scrapbook consisted of photos of each of the kids as well as a short, sweet note. Putting together the notebook went pretty smoothly minus the rock throwing but hey, what can you expect with all of us kids! While we were putting together the scrapbook Whitney tells Levi and I that she wants to call my dad, dad. I honestly was very proud that she wanted to call my dad her dad too because it goes to show how much he has done and is trying to do to be a good father to not only his biological kids but his step children too.

The tour of ASU was eye opening on so many different levels. I was so amazed at what ASU had to offer as well the grants and work study programs. I was just surprised at how little I knew and that ASU was actually an option for the future.