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Heather on Episode 10: At The Table

I’m not surprised that my family is already loaded up to go to Ryan’s house. My dad has always said to confront someone when there is a problem and never let anyone walk all over you. I cannot believe the outcome of the meeting with Ryan’s parents. They felt their son was at no fault. It’s very obvious Bailey hardly wanted anyone to know and wouldn’t just make up a story ( that’s not like Bailey). In my heart I know that Bailey must be in a lot of pain because she hates getting others in trouble.

Our family decides to help the neighbors move because like us they have “downsized.” We decide to help unlike our old neighbors who never helped or offered to help us move. With all of us kids we can get done something in 30 mintues that would have taken our neighbor the rest of the day (because it was just him and his wife).

For some reason my dad has been crying a lot. I think because us girls aren’t little anymore. Bay and I are will be off to college soon and graduating in the next month. As much as he jokes about us moving out I think he’d cry to see us go.