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Heather on Episode 2: Teenage Rampage

After Rex has been rushed to the hospital, we find out that he was very close to not making it because of how severe the asthma attack was. Rex has to stay in intensive care for four days. Once he has returned home and was no longer in need of care, Laura caters on him. A little too much! Even though Rex has just gotten out of the hospital, the parents begin to worry about the huge bill that will come from this. I’m nervous that this will be a setback financially but I am thankful Rex is healthy and okay.

The girls and I decide to have a girl’s night out in hopes of maybe finding some cute boys. The night does not turn out as expected and a few girls begin to trash talk my sisters and me. On top of that drama, Bailey’s car battery dies and we are stuck in town. Instead of calling my Dad to say that we will be late, we find someone to jump the car and hope we can sneak in without getting caught for curfew.  Obviously this doesn’t work! We should have called before and wouldn’t have got in trouble!