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Heather on Episode 4: The Other Side Of The Glass

Seeing Cody for the first time in a while was great. I always miss my brother because I have known him since I was born and always thought of him as a blood brother not just my half brother. When Cody used to live out in Arizona when my dad and Laura just got married, times were not the best. But now that we are all older this time will be a lot better. That first night at dinner I can tell how happy my dad is that the whole family is finally together. Cody announces that he might move back and honestly I think that sounds great. I would love for Cody to be in Arizona especially because it would make my dad happier.

When we all are leaving for church Cody decides to not go. I’m a little shocked that he didn’t just go since we are all going and to make my dad happy. On the other hand, I’m not that surprised because Cody stands firm in his decisions and doesn’t feel the need to please others.

The shooting range seems like a fun idea. I’ve never been but have watched my Uncles, Grandpa, Dad and cousins all shoot clay pigeons back in Kansas. This is something new and I’ve always liked to learn new things. Once we got to the shooting range and got to shoot it was a lot of fun and definitely something different.

Cody’s trip is coming to an end very quickly and I feel like things have changed so much. We have all matured and everyone seems to get along a lot better. I’m upset that Cody has to go back home because I will miss him and I hate seeing my dad upset.