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Heather on Episode 8: No More Emergency Fund

After hearing about Bailey’s new crush I hope that it only stays a crush and nothing more. At this point in Bailey’s life I think that she should focus on just herself. Bailey has so much going for her… beautiful hair, athletic, great personality, good in school and fun to be around. She doesn’t need a boy to make her happy! So far I’m not too impressed with her choices of boys, but I don’t have much room to talk either. It’s easy to fall for the wrong guy and I hope that’s not the case in this situation.

The first time this guy brought Bailey on a date I thought it was cheesy to bring roses. Bringing roses is something you do once you have been dating. I’ve never had a boy bring me roses the first time we went out and didn’t receive them until further into the relationship. I hope that this isn’t some act he is putting on.