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Heather on Episode 9: Talk To Her

I feel bad that Bailey doesn’t have a photographer. I would go pay half with her but my mom has already offered to take mine for free. I hope that Bailey will be able to find a cheap and good photographer so that she doesn’t have to spend a lot of her money for just senior pictures.

Honestly this whole counselor thing for the parents is dumb. They are doing just fine without a counselor to tell them what they are doing wrong. I feel like sometimes marriage counselors only create problems.

I’m happy that Bailey is moving on to someone else but I’m not too sure about this new kid. I haven’t heard too much about him but I know if I was bringing home someone new I wouldn’t want my family to judge right away and instead get to know him.

I really enjoyed taking Danielle to the park but I’m not exactly cut out to make her a star soccer player. I don’t know much about coaching and honestly am a little nervous. I know I’ve been playing rec soccer since I was seven and even played on some club teams but I’ve never taught someone to play before. I hope that Danielle can learn from me. The struggle is that Danielle won’t have the opportunity to play club soccer which doesn’t give her high level experience. I think that if I were able to play club instead of high school I could have improved so much and actually gotten a better scholarship. When my Dad comes to talk to me about the scholarship I feel horrible that he feels guilty. I’m blessed with the opportunities I was given and my dad has done everything to make them happen. I know he has done the best he can.

I guess things were too good to be true with Ryan. I feel absolutely horrible for Bay. She doesn’t deserve to be treated like that from a boy, no girl should for that matter. I hope that Bay is able to realize that telling the family was the best thing to do and that she doesn’t need him anyways.