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Levi Bruce

Levi Bruce on Episode 7 – Call Me Dad

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Well Whitney calling my dad dad is no big deal to me its just a name and I think if she feels that way to him then its all good with me. Some people don’t like it because it’s not really her dad so they think she shouldn’t do it but she stills does it anyway. Bailey doesn’t mind Whitney calling my dad dad because she says she was thinking the same thing but on the other hand Dylan and Rex don’t really like it because they bring there real dads emotions into it.

The whole dancing scene I didn’t like to much because I don’t like to dance so everyone else in the family was dancing and I was just sitting there watching and dad decided he was going to get up and try to make me dance and just shook me around.

While we were fishing we made a bet whoever catches a fish has to eat one of the worms that we were using for bait and Rex caught the fish and Dylan and I made him eat a worm. But when Rex caught the fish it took him awhile to get the hook out, but eventually he got it out and threw the fish back in the water. When us kids made breakfast for Father’s Day we all went around and thanked dad for whatever we thought of and we gave dad the scrapbook which I thought he liked a lot.