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Levi on Episode 5: Fend For Yourself

In our house, it’s hard to bust just one person when something is a mess or someone left something out because there are so many of us. But if we all tried a little harder to clean up and pick up after ourselves then the house would be a lot cleaner. When Dad came up with the fend for yourself thing, it was very weird at first and it got old because we couldn’t use anything. We only got 20 dollars to spend at the store, so we had to make do with that money. When it all started to get serious it was a shock because we literally couldn’t use anything in the house because it wasn’t ours. We had to lie on the ground and pay for everything we needed or wanted to use. Dad and Laura made us stay outside in the tent and if we wanted to stay in the house we had to pay. That night I slept in my bed and had to pay for it in the morning so I went into debt. But I started to think how I could make some money and asked Dad if he had anything for me to do. Of course he did. I changed his oil and I also changed Heather’s for money so then I went from in debt to out in the matter of no time!