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Rex on Episode 1: A House Divided

Dylan is actually a hard working kid. However, that’s only when he wants to work hard or wants to achieve something. On the ball field, he works extremely hard. With Todd, it’s the complete opposite. If I bring Dylan along he might waste my time as well as his own. I don’t want to lose any money.

Dylan also has a little bit of a spending problem. If he wants it, he gets it! If it looks good, he buys it.

I was expecting to make about 10 dollars from this guy. With Dylan’s money as well, I should have walked with 20.

The guy was a total goof. He was definitely a character!

My asthma is typically off and on. It’s easily triggered in certain months and I’m very sensitive to both dirt and grass. Dylan keeps throwing dirt in my face and I can feel it coming, Thankfully, I had my inhaler; although it really didn’t do much.

The asthma attack was a terrible feeling. I have never felt so helpless in my life. I knew it was bad the second I took my first breath into the nebulizer. It gave me no relief.