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Todd on Episode 10: At The Table

As we close out this season I find this to be the biggest test of all. When I arrive home from a meeting I find the family in my truck and not sure what is going on, the whole thing seems to have everyone upset. As I find out what has happened, it is clear I need to calm the situation so I can find out what exactly happened.

Once everyone fills me in and I have a chance to digest it all, Laura and I decide we need to get a meeting set up with Ryan’s parents.

Laura, Bailey and I go to meet with Ryan’s parents and I can’t say that I was overly surprised; Ryan’s dad treated the whole situation as no big deal. Ryan had not done anything wrong, and he was actually interrogating Bailey, in no way trying to help the situation but to belittle her and make her feel ashamed.

Later in the episode our neighbors lose their house to foreclosure and it brings up those old emotions of embarrassment and shame, that I could not provide for my family. As I see the family moving out I wanted to make sure that they felt that they had someone to lean on, when we lost our house no one would help us nor would they discuss it with us because, I am sure they thought it was taboo and something they should not talk about. I can remember feeling so helpless, ashamed and alone.