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Whitney on Episode 7: Too Much Pressure

In this episode, my mom has the idea to go on the “Raw Diet.” I thought that it was a great idea! I think it’s a good idea because it’s healthy, and it would be good for our family. We decided to make some kind of spaghetti that is made out of squash! Then we made a sauce for it, and altogether honestly it’s good! But it tastes weird because it wasn’t hot. It was so cold, and the reason why you can’t heat it up is because when you heat stuff, the enzymes go away. Another meal we made was portobello mushrooms. And that was literally the most disgusting thing for me, it just looked weird and the texture was nasty! But hey…. if you like mushrooms you would love this meal.

Later, we go to a hypnotist show, which was a fundraiser for my mom’s school! It was so hard to sell tickets to high schoolers because we found out that a dance called “MORP” was that night! We later found out that it didn’t matter, it ended up being a total success. It was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen!!! I was dying laughing the whole entire time. I totally believe in hypnotism. It’s not what you think though, hypnotism happens all of the time without you even knowing! The hypnotist gave a great example of self hypnotism, he said,” Have you ever been looking for something, and you just can’t find it? Then later you find out it’s right in front of you?… That is hypnotism believe it or not!