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Whitney on Episode 8: No More Emergency Fund

In this episode, Todd decides to take me driving, and let’s face it… I’m not the greatest driver!  I love driving, but it’s crucial to learn the rules of the road, along with being at least a decent driver. I totally get sensitive when it comes to driving, and it’s so annoying! I get that way because I know how important driving really is. If you mess up on the road, you could kill someone. That is the thing that really scares me!

When my mom takes me and my triplet brothers driving, it frustrates me because they’re both so good! But that’s just life. Looking back now, I feel silly for even getting emotional about it in the first place! Sometimes in life you just get caught up in the moment, and you bring other emotions from other situations with it, and it ends up being a total disaster!  I am currently improving on driving, but I still think I need more practice 😉

After, I found out that Bailey likes somebody that goes to our school! I was just happy to see her get over Jonny.  Almost every time Bailey likes someone, they end up being douches! And I don’t feel as if it’s her fault really, I just feel like they always take advantage of her and they cross the line. Hopefully this one doesn’t disappoint! I have heard stuff about him, some good and some bad. But I feel like judging someone without knowing someone is unfair unless you have proof.

Bailey and her crush decided to go out on a date, I was thrilled that she was happy!  When he arrived, he gave her flowers. I thought it was sweet, but it was one of those things where you will never know if it was because he liked her, or because the cameras were on.