Bailey Rumsey

About Bailey Rumsey

Bailey, Laura’s daughter, learned early how to be helpful when her mom gave birth to the triplets. Bailey admits she had a hard time accepting her mom’s divorce and an even worse time watching her date. However, she knew Todd was a keeper. She believes that family should always be first because there the only people that will be true no matter what. Bailey works a part-time job at Streets of New York and trying to save up for college. However, she bought a Jeep a few months ago from all of her life savings so she now has a car.

Bailey believes fitness and health are some of the most important things in life and she works out daily. She is an aspiring story producer for reality TV and wants to major in nutrition. Bailey is going to a community college the first two years of college and then transfer to Arizona State University in the future.

"I look at Todd like he’s my real dad.  It’s hard picturing my life before him, because he helped me find myself."