Rex Rumsey

About Rex Rumsey

Rex is Laura's son and he is the youngest of the triplets. Rex gets good grades in school and he works very hard in both baseball and his schoolwork. He is now in his junior year and he is hopeful that he will receive an academic or athletic scholarship for college. Rex has saved up a lot of money already and he is, not surprisingly, into finance. In college he plans to get a degree in business or in his true passion, sports and fitness.

Rex enjoys working out and he is trying to get in the best shape possible for baseball season. When he is not working or at school, he enjoys spending time with his family and just kicking back at home. His faith has inspired him to find ways to create acceptance among people of all religions.

"I have learned a lot from my parents’ financial situation that anything can change and nothing is permanent.  I realize what the important things in life are and I am very grateful for having a roof over my head.  Even though it’s a struggle, I feel that our financial situation has only made our family stronger."