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Erica Campbell on Episode 5: Sisters Trippin’

Hey everybody!

Wow watching this episode brought back an array of memories and laughs. First thing I thought when I saw this was, “Shoot, it’s almost time to do another trip with my sisters.” Life moves so fast and we are all growing & going in many different directions.

When we took this trip, Alana had just got engaged and as we sit watching this we are only weeks away from her wedding day. I love all of my sisters; they are loud, funny & off the wall.  I’m sure a lot of people were shocked to see our “workout” class, but trust – it was all in good fun & taste.  The biggest thing that can be taken away from this episode is that Tina and I are two different people with our own opinions & views.  Even though we were “surprised” that night about Tina being pregnant – the entire family can’t wait to meet the newest baby Campbell.