The Coleman Family

About The Coleman Family

The Coleman family is divided into two camps. The first they call “Team Triston.” It includes Shawna, the mother of the family, and her twelve year-old son, Triston. Triston is an aspiring actor and pop star.  Although Triston has professional managers and coaches, Shawna oversees them and serves as Triston’s vocal and acting coach when necessary. The second camp consists of Shawna’s husband, Tim, a former semi pro-soccer player and the couple’s 11 year-old son Trevon.

The two teams fight constantly, usually over the fact that any extra money they have is spent on Triston’s career. Tim recently gave up a lucrative job to move to LA so that Triston could audition more often. Although Triston booked a major commercial, he hasn’t been paid yet. The family is struggling financially and the couple fights over bills all day long.

Shawna Coleman is a 36 year-old wife and mother of two sons, Triston, 12, and Trevon, 11. She and her husband, Tim, have been married for 13 years. Since her first son, Triston, was born, all her attention went to him. She discovered that he had a talent for performing at age 6 and has been encouraging him to go on acting and singing auditions ever since. She helps manage his career and makes sure that everything the family does revolves around his audition schedule. She has decided to home school both of her sons so that she has the flexibility to drive to LA for Triston’s auditions. Shawna is controlling and highly emotional. She continually berates her husband for his laziness and feels that she has the weight of the entire family on her shoulders.

Tim Coleman is a 36 year-old husband and father of two sons, Triston and Trevon. His wife, Shawna, was extremely close to their 12-year-old son, Triston, since he was born. Tim felt left out and so when their second son, Trevon, was born, he claimed that child as his favorite.

Shawna now spends all her free time encouraging Triston to be an actor and singer. She encouraged Tim to quit his lucrative job and move to Los Angeles to pursue Triston’s career. Tim has not been able to find a job in over six months and has become depressed and despondent. He is frustrated that Shawna controls the family but doesn’t fight back. He is quiet and usually holds in all his feelings. Every so often, when Shawna has pushed him too far, he will explode for a brief moment and say something nasty to her.

Triston is a handsome, charming 12 year-old boy who aspires to be a famous actor and singer. He and his mother spend all their time either rehearsing or going on auditions. Last year, his father, Tim, quit his job so that the family could move to Los Angeles and pursue Triston’s career. Tim has not found a job since then and the family has been living off of unemployment. Triston is a kind-hearted boy who feels pressure to make money and support his family. He also feels guilty that his younger brother doesn’t get as much attention from his Mom as he does. All he wants is to become a star and make everyone in the family happy.


Trevon is a sweet, talkative 11 year old and lives with his parents and brother Triston. Trevon would like to play baseball but his mother spends all the family’s money on Triston’s career and doesn’t have enough for uniforms. Trevon feels lonely and depressed a lot of the time. His best friends are the family dogs and he dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian.