The Crume Family

About The Crume Family


Jennifer and Kelley fell in love in their early twenties and got pregnant right away. They were still in college and completely ill-equipped to have kids. But they went through with the pregnancy and had their first child, Julian. The couple has since had two other children, Isabelle who’s 8 and William, 4. But their most difficult child is Julian. 

He disrespects both of his parents, especially his Dad. He throws temper tantrums and is angry and abusive to his younger sister, Isabelle. Julian’s behavior has caused a lot of friction between Kelley and Jennifer. They fight over how to discipline him. Kelley wants to lay down strict rules and boundaries for the boy and Jennifer wants to take a more gentle, loving approach. These fights have made the couple grow further and further apart.

Seven years ago, Jennifer left Kelley for another man and took her kids with her. But after only five months, she decided to come back. The couple never talked about the affair. Then Jennifer had another affair with one of Julian’s coaches. That one lasted 2 ½ years. Kelley eventually found out about the affair, confronted the two and forced them to end it. 

Last year, Kelley lost his sales job and the family has been strapped for money ever since. Jennifer doesn’t work and the couple now fights over bills along with everything else. They are barely holding on, emotionally or financially, and have no idea how long they can keep their family together. 

Jennifer Crume is a 36 year-old wife and mother of three. When she and Kelley got married, they were madly in-love. Then as the stress of their lives increased, Kelley pulled away from Jennifer emotionally and sexually. After a couple of years of feeling estranged from her husband, Jennifer started having affairs. She’s had two affairs to date but is still going online to flirt with strangers. She is a self-proclaimed love addict and can’t promise that she’ll never cheat again.

She’s pretty, sexy and prides herself on being a good, loving and supportive Mom. She believes that she’s raising her kids the “right way” and that her husband’s strict approach is wrong. She has little respect for him as a parent and a man.


Kelley Crume is a 36 year-old husband and father of three. He had his first child, Julian, while he was in college and with every new responsibility has pulled further away from his wife and son. When Julian was five, he accused his father of beating him and later recanted. But the damage was done. The relationship between father and son has never been the same. 

Julian abuses Kelley physically and verbally. When Kelley tries to fight back, Jennifer accuses him of being too harsh of a father. He doesn’t know what to do. He believes in setting strong boundaries for his kids but Jennifer does not.

Kelley doesn’t often reveal his emotions to anyone. But when prompted, he is well aware of what he feels and wants. He’s shy and sensitive but has a subtle, charming humor.

Julian is 8 years old and claims to hate his father and sister. He says that his father is mean to him and that his sister bites him. He is physically and verbally abusive to both of them on a daily basis. He has frequent angry outbursts and actually enjoys them. It’s only after he’s been punished for acting out, does he regret it.

Julian loves animals, is highly intelligent, has a talent for singing and can be funny and charming when he wants to be

Isabelle is a shy, quiet 8 year-old girl who wants her older brother, Julian, to love her and treat her well. But all Julian does is throw things at her, take away her toys and tell her she’s nasty. Isabelle cries when Julian berates her and goes crying to her parents. 

She has a good relationship with both her Mom and Dad, as well as her younger brother William.