The Stewart Family

About The Stewart Family

Moses and Elida locked eyes across a crowded bar and that was it. For the next two years, they had a wild and passionate affair. Then one day, Elida discovered she was pregnant… and the couple’s lives changed forever.

Moses was an ex-Marine who enjoyed his single, civilian life. He was not prepared to be a father. But eventually, he stepped up to the challenge. He asked Elida to marry him and the two settled into a routine.

After a few years of diapers and day care, Moses got restless. He made a date with a co-worker to meet in a hotel, but the woman never showed up. Feeling guilty for “almost” having an affair, Moses confessed to Elida. She was stunned and lost all trust in her husband.

Over the years, the couple’s marriage has deteriorated. They have sex less and fight more. Moses feels that Elida blames him for not being a good enough provider or father. But instead of standing up to her, he gets angry, throws things and storms out of the apartment. One time, Elida stood in his way and Moses pushed her aside. Elida got so mad that she called the police and had her husband arrested for domestic violence.

Their 7 year-old son, Wesley, witnessed his father’s rage and withdrew from him completely. To this day, Wesley rarely talks to his father. Moses is heartsick that his son has rejected him but doesn’t know what to do about it.

To make matters worse, last year Moses lost a very stable, lucrative job. But instead of looking for another, he took it as an opportunity to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a barber. To pay for barber school, Elida liquidated her 401 K and maxed out her credit cards. Although Moses now works in a barbershop, he doesn’t have enough customers yet to earn a living. So he has to work nights as a security guard just to make ends meet. The family is always broke and they fight about money constantly.

Elida is angry and frustrated with her life. She’s never been this poor. She has to go to a food bank to get her family’s dinner. She feels that Moses has failed her as a provider, a husband and a father. This family is crying out for help.


Elida Stewart is a 46-year-old aspiring actress and writer. She’s been married to her husband Moses for over 13 years and they have one son together, Wesley.

Elida feels that she’s given up her dreams to help take care of the family. She emptied an old 401K and maxed out her credits cards so that Moses could go to barber school. But now the family is stuck with no savings and very little income. Moses’ barber business has not yet taken off. So Elida has to look for a practical job and can’t pursue her acting or writing…and she resents that.

Elida’s personality is fun, outgoing and charming towards her son, but angry and resentful towards her husband.

Moses Stewart is a 44 year-old ex-Marine. After he left the military, he landed a lucrative job in the manufacturing industry. Then last year, he got laid off. But instead of looking for another job in his field, he decided to pursue his life-long dream of becoming a barber. He and Elida emptied their savings and sent him to barber school. Now they’re paying dearly for it. Moses can’t make enough money as a barber to support his family and has to work a night job as a security guard.

Elida is angry at the family’s financial distress and blames Moses for it. Every time she criticizes him, he shuts down emotionally and leaves the house. He will often call her from his car to finish an argument. He finds it easier to talk to her over the phone so he can avoid her angry looks.

Moses feels emasculated by his wife and disrespected by his son. His son sides with his mother in all the parents’ arguments, which leaves Moses feeling lonely and isolated in his own home.


Wesley Stewart is a quiet, sensitive 14 year-old boy. He is very close to his mother but scared of his father. He feels that his father is domineering and dictatorial. He wants his father to ask his opinion more often and treat him with respect. He believes that the two are like strangers living in the same house and doesn’t think that that will ever change.