The White Family

About The White Family

He was a 19 year-old punk. She was a 28 year-old mom. All they had in common was sex – great sex. So after dating for just a few months, Steven and Christine moved in together.

Steven became an instant stepfather to Christine’s 9 year-old son Brandon. But he wasn’t ready for the responsibility and rebelled against it. He cheated on Christine twice in their first three years together. Christine found out about it and was furious.

Still, the couple stayed together. When Christine became pregnant with their first child, Dakota, Steven decided to stop his philandering and become a responsible parent. The couple then had their second child, Sarah.

Although Steven promised Christine that he would never cheat again, she doesn’t believe him. She’s convinced that he has been cheating throughout their relationship. She tortures him about it every single day.

To make matters worse, last year Steven and his stepson, Brandon, got into a big fight. Brandon had accidentally allowed the family’s pit bull to be in the same yard with another pit bull and one killed the other. Steven was so furious at Brandon that he kicked him out of the house and has refused to speak with him since. Christine was heartbroken. This has caused even more tension between the couple.

Steve and Christine now fight every day. The kids sense the tension and have started to act out. Sarah taunts Dakota and Dakota hits and throws her around. In short, everyone in the family is on edge, angry and isolated. It’s a desperate situation that’s only getting worse

Christine White is a 47 year-old Executive Assistant and mother of three. She has a 27 year-old son, Brandon, from a previous marriage and two kids from her current marriage, Dakota, who’s 14 and Sarah, who’s 11.

When Christine was a child, she molested by her stepfather and has distrusted men every since. When she and Steven first started living together, Steven cheated on her twice and she has never forgiven him. To this day, anytime Steven works late or is chatting online, she assumes that he’s carrying on an affair.

Christine yells at Steven over his past affairs as well as for talking down to her. The two fight constantly, often in front of their children. Christine is prone to sudden, angry outbursts towards Steven but is a warm, loving mother to her kids.


Steven White is a 38 year-old General Contractor and father of two. Early in his relationship with Christine, he cheated on her and she hasn’t forgiven him since. She’s always suspicious of where he is and what he’s doing. He spends time on the internet looking at porn, which upsets his wife tremendously. Steven doesn’t understand why. In his eyes, looking at porn is “just what men do.”

Steven can be very impatient with Christine and the kids and snap at them when they don’t understand something. He can also be a very fun-loving prankster. He has a great sense of humor and can make everyone in the family laugh.

Brandon is Christine White’s son from a previous marriage. He is 27 years old. He used to live with the family until 10 months ago, when he accidentally let two of the family’s pit bulls in the yard together and one killed the other. Steven kicked him out of the house for that. Although Brandon has apologized to Steven on countless occasions, Steven will not accept his apology. .

Brandon lives on his own and takes odd jobs here and there. He doesn’t have any professional direction in life and is currently drifting.

Dakota is a 15 year-old high school student. He’s failing most of his classes at school and doesn’t’ get along with his younger sister at home. The two fight constantly and Dakota often ends the fights by picking Sarah up and throwing her into her room.
He can be angry and sarcastic towards Sarah, but funny and warm with his parents.

Sarah White is the baby of the family. She’s 11 years old, sweet, funny and loving. She gets very upset by all the fighting that goes on in the house, not only between her parents but between her and Dakota as well.

All she wants is to be able to hang out with her big brother. But Dakota doesn’t want anything to do with her. He teases her, taunts her and physically throws her around. The two have a volatile relationship that causes her a great deal of stress.