The Wolfe Family

About The Wolfe Family

Robbie Wolfe is a former rock and roller, who played the LA club scene throughout the 80’s. He was wild, spontaneous and determined to be a star. His future wife, Robyn, was a tough, controlling blonde beauty, who fell in love with Robbie. He had the spontaneity she lacked. She had the stability he craved. And so they got married.

Within the first year of marriage, Robyn told Robbie to choose between touring with his band and being with her. Robbie wanted to save his marriage, so he gave up his music. He’s regretted that choice every day since.

Seventeen years and four children later, Robbie is a longhaired insurance broker and Robyn is a shut-in. She stays in her room all day, watching TV and doing jigsaw puzzles. The only time she comes out is to yell at Robbie or her kids for not doing their chores. Robbie is frightened of her, so he waits on her hand and foot. The children are so resentful that she does nothing all day, that they completely disrespect her. Anything she tells them to do, they do the exact opposite.

This is most evident in the two older kids, Jeremy who’s 18 and Brandon who’s 14. Both boys have followed in the footsteps of their father and are hard-core, heavy metal rock and rollers. The two daughters, Kylie who’s 12, and Reagan, who’s 8, fight constantly and never do chores.

Although the kids love their Dad, they see him as a wimp, because he rarely stands up to their mother. He too feels emasculated by his wife. They haven’t had sex in five years and it’s turned him into a sad and lonely man.

Nearly everyone in the Wolfe family dreams of the day when he or she can get out. Robbie and Robyn threaten divorce once a week; Jeremy is moving out in a few months, as soon as he gets his GED; and Brandon plans to sue for emancipation and live with Jeremy. So who’s afraid of the big bad Wolfe’s? They are.

Robyn Wolfe is a 40 year-old wife, homemaker and mother of four. She and her husband, Robbie, are divided as a parental team. They don’t set rules or punishments for their kids. So the kids run wild. That infuriates Robyn and she lets everyone in the family know it. All day long, Robyn yells at all the kids to clean up and take care of the house. But they ignore her. They don’t’ see her doing any cleaning so why should they? And they’re right.

Robyn doesn’t clean or cook. She sits in her room from morning to night, watches TV, does jigsaw puzzles and monitors everyone’s email and facebook pages.

She doesn’t have a close relationship with anyone in the family, but wants to control their every move. Sadly, the more she tries to control them, the further they slip from her grasp. Robyn’s depressed, isolated, angry and has no idea how her life became so miserable.


Robbie Wolfe is a 48 year-old former rock and roll musician turned insurance broker. He still wears his hair long and dreams of reuniting with his old band one day and becoming famous.

In the meantime, he sells insurance for a living and runs around taking care of his wife and four kids. He does all the cooking and cleaning in the house while his wife sits in her room and yells at him. She accuses him of being an ineffectual father, a bad provider and a sexually unappealing lover. The two have not had sex in 5 years.

Lonely and frustrated, Robbie started dabbling in virtual affairs. After several months, Robyn discovered his online liasons and demanded he stop them. So he did.

Now Robbie has plunged into a deep depression. He doesn’t have his music or his virtual affairs to distract him. He feels trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage and dreams of the day that he can get out.

Jeremy Wolfe is an 18 year-old professional musician who plays in a band called Skarlett. He and his brother Brandon play all the top clubs in Los Angeles. They wear their hair long and apply face makeup and lipstick every day – even the days that they’re not performing.

Jeremy can’t stand his mother. She complains about his make up, his tight pants, and his attitude. Jeremy makes fun of his mother to her face. But behind his sarcasm is true pain. He feels that his mother is embarrassed by who he is and what he does. He feels his father does not stand up to his mother enough. He has lost respect for both of them and can’t wait to get his GED and get out.

Brandon Wolfe is a 14 year-old professional musician who plays in all the top clubs in LA. He wears his hair long and applies face make-up in the house, just to anger his mother.

He thinks his mother is mean and irrational. He’s embarrassed by the fact that his father never stands up to her. He and his brother spend as much time away from home as possible. Brandon’s dream is to sue his parents for emancipation and go live with his older brother, Jeremy.

Kylie Wolfe is a smart, sarcastic 12 year-old who is constantly torturing her younger sister, Reagan. Whenever there’s stress in the house, Kylie starts acting out. If she’s not fighting with Reagan, she’s throwing temper tantrums, talking back to her parents or making some sort of mess that her father will have to clean up.

She doesn’t respect either of her parents and will manipulate them just for fun. She’ll ask her father to make her dinner. But after he does, she’ll refuse to eat it. She will say anything to anyone if it will get her what she wants.

Reagan is the baby of the Wolfe family. She’s 8 years old and is sweet and loveable. She wants to be friends with her older sister Kylie, but is never sure if she can trust her. Kylie will be nice to Reagan one minute and then hit her and pull her hair the next.

Reagan is closer to her mother than the other kids and will often hang out in her room and watch TV. She still has innocence about her that the other kids have long ago lost.