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Our 7 Favorite Celebrity Phone-Ins on ‘Frasier’

Some of the most famous guest stars on Frasier never even showed their faces. Celebrities from Kevin Bacon to Matthew Broderick often appeared as “guest callers” — and managed to crack us up in about 10 seconds.

From ladies’ man Bacon to mini-mart weirdo Broderick, here’s a look at our 7 favorite famous callers:

Kevin Bacon as “Vic”

Bacon plays Vic, a man who says he is having “a problem with women.” Frasier passes him over to Roz, who is impressed when Vic says he has a “good job” and a “good personality” and made “more money modeling but is doing OK at the law firm.”

Matthew Broderick as “Mark”

Broderick plays Mark, a guy who works all night at the mini-mart. Mark tells Frasier that he likes to watch himself on the surveillance camera … and sometimes, he catches the camera version of himself doing these things that the regular him “doesn’t approve of.” OK then …


Macaulay Culkin as “Elliott”

Culkin plays Elliott, a 43-year-old salesman who sounds like a teenager. Frasier isn’t convinced — this is just some kid playing a joke! But Elliott explains that he has a “very young-sounding voice that people make fun of all the time.” Just when Frasier is feeling guilty, Elliott blurts out, “Gotcha, doofus!”


James Spader as “Steven”

Spader plays Steven, who is expecting a baby with his wife, Tracy. He wants to know if it’s OK to let a kid climb into bed with you in the morning. Frasier reassures him –of course it’s OK. But what if you enjoy making love in the morning, Steven asks? “After the baby comes that won’t be an issue anymore,” Frasier quips. Sad but true.


John Lithgow as “Madman Martinez”

Lithgow plays “Madman Martinez,” who says he’s depressed because business is down at the car lot. As Madman’s details about the available cars become very specific, Frasier realizes he’s only calling to plug his dealership.

Stephen King as “Brian” & Wolfgang Puck as “Tom”

Puck plays “Tom,” a caller who “doesn’t want to be squeezed into a minute” before the commercial break. Frasier switches over to “Brian” (played by King), but he also doesn’t want to be limited to “30 seconds” and is willing to wait as well.

Gary Sinise as “Sid”

Sinise plays Sid, a man who calls in to discuss his “terrible fear of talking on the phone to people I do not know.” Sid’s formal language quickly leads Frasier to realize that Sid is reading from a script — but while he’s doling out advice, Frasier realizes that his own phone skills could use some work!