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Goo’s Personal Trainer Gives KEY Advice

It’s week six and Goo is going to make you sweat, because this week is all about taking care of you and focusing on diet and exercise. So, put on your best C+C Music Factory outfit and Sweat! Haven’t seen the latest episode of Goo Ru Style yet? Watch it here!

WE all know the benefits of a balanced diet and good exercise, but fried food is a siren who calls to us all, even Goo! So, she reached out to trusted fitness instructor and friend, Anowa Adjah for tips on how to stay focused even when fried chicken is calling your name. Here are her top 3 tips:


The biggest part of working out is having your head in the game. Wrapping your head around the fact that binge watching Netflix is not working out might be tough, but getting in the right head space to exercise will help you
go farther.


Having a goal will help keep you focused so you have something to work towards.


There are days when your to-do list just seems endless and exhausting, don’t let life distract you from your goals of getting healthy. Even if you only have 15
minutes to contribute to your exercise routine, grab it – every minute gets you closer to your goals.

With the help of Anowa, here’s Goo’s  #GlowWithGoo Challenge:

1 – Cut out ALL fried foods from your diet
2 – Move more! Find 3 ways to sneak more exercises into your daily routine

  • Take the stairs
  • Park far from the store entrance
  • Walk to work

Celebrate the small accomplishments and you’ll be surprised how they motivate you to tackle bigger challenges! So, challenge yourself to #GlowWithGoo and watch an all-new episode of Goo Ru Style every Thursday at 12pm EST.