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Alexandra on Sophomore Year

The best part of sophomore year for me was going to a new school. It sucked at first but it got way better. My grades improved and my GPA went from a 1.9 to a 2.9. I made a lot of new friends and everything was great. No boy drama, so it was just us girls. My teachers were really nice and I can’t wait to go back junior year.
The worst part about sophomore year was the break-up with my boyfriend. He dumped me the day I got out of school for break. We hadn’t been talking, and I was afraid we were losing it. So I brought it up, and he ended up freaking out and he told me he didn’t like me anymore. So he broke up with me on the phone… instead of breaking up in person. Then I find out he lied to me about why he really broke up with me; I was a distraction from football. So that all sucked.