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Amina on Freshman Year, Filming High School Confidential

I really don’t know who I am yet; I’m still trying to figure out who I am as a person. I was really scared that high school was going to be hard and I wouldn’t do well. I was worried about how I’d do in my classes and if I would get along with everyone. My greatest fear is that I would fail. I was most excited about the experience of meeting new people an learning new things that I didn’t know in grammar school, like class-wise, but also being social with people my own age and older. I like listening to music, texting, and watching “Law and Order.”

My family is very dysfunctional, but I wouldn’t trade them in. They’re all right, I guess. They are Bosnian, and are pretty old fashioned in a way. My goals are to graduate and go off to college and get a really good job. I want to discover who I am, and what makes me happy and find out what’s best for me, I guess. This year has been very exciting and a new experience… it’s been educational, ‘cause I’ve learned a lot. My classes were pretty easy, but I feel like I learned something new every day. High school is pretty competitive with friends and stuff, but not so much with classes.

Dealing with peer pressure is pretty easy. It’s easy to say no if you are smart. I mean, no one can force you to do anything, so you shouldn’t blame anyone for the decisions that you make. I had to decide who I wanted to surround myself with- like bad people who would hold me back, or people who would get me somewhere in life. Sometimes I ask my parents for advice ‘cause they’re older, but they’re old fashioned so sometimes I ask my friends. It really depends on the situation. I feel more determined now, and realize school is more important than I thought it was. I have discovered that if I want people to love me, I have to love myself.