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Amina on Sophomore Year

My school year was bad because I failed a class. Overall, it was nice because I got to hang out with my friends and stuff. My classes weren’t good because I didn’t like some of my teachers. I think when it comes to competition at school, I’m not too worried about it. In situations like the Duchess Competition during Homecoming, the competition is a little tight and people are pretty competitive about that. But when it comes to school wo­rk, people are either just smart or stupid. How do I feel about peer pressure? I don’t have to deal with any. 

One of the big decisions I made this year was dating my boyfriend. We broke up and got back together. We were only broken up for a few days, so it wasn’t a big problem though. Something big that happened this year was meeting my mom’s new boyfriend and my dad’s new wife. I had to make judgments as to whether I liked them or not.

I trust my friends with giving me the advice that I’m looking for, but sometimes I feel like my parents usually have the right advice, so I usually turn to them if I feel like my friends don’t give me the advice I wanted. 

A big responsibility I took on this year was getting a job! I work at a local supermarket chain. I also attend summer school and I babysit my brother a lot. I’m pretty busy. 

I haven’t really discovered anything new about myself. Not really.  People told me that I changed and that I look different, but I think I look the same. I think the whole thing with the job has made me more mature and responsible. 

I’d say the highlight of the year was meeting and dating my boyfriend. He was a nice thing to come along. The lowlight of my year was failing my class and of course my Grandpa dying. That was pretty hard.